Make sure to ALWAYS call us first to see what items we are buying.

We take items in Monday -Friday 

By appointment ONLY!


Our store hours are 11am - 5pm 

Customer Selling Policy
To make your selling experience a great one PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!

We are being VERY picky about what we take and how we take in items. Please follow the guidelines below:

  • Do not overfill – bins should be able to fit a lid on top. This allows us to stack bins.
  • Clothing must be in EXCELLENT condition. We do not accept anything with spots, stains, or having a smoke/pet/food odor. If we open a box and see/smell any odor we won’t go through your items.
  • Everything needs to be laid out flat or folded neatly with matches together. Items purchased are immediately tagged and put out to sell.
  • Shoes should be in LIKE NEW condition. Soles of shoes should be free of gum, dirt, etc.
  • Girls dresses 0-24 months need to have Diaper Covers.
  • Any 2 or more piece outfits should be placed (NOT PINNED, STAPLED, OR TAPED) together.

Please know that since we are a small family run business, we allow ourselves a max of 48hrs to go through items. Although it rarely takes us that long, we thank you ahead of time for your patience.

Special note: customers are to pick up all go backs within 5 DAYS of receiving our email or text to make room for the next person. Items and payouts not picked up by the 5th day will be donated to a local charity.

This is strictly enforced.

The Difference  between Conignment and Resale
In consignment you share the risk that something will not sell or will be marked down, in buying outright we take all the risk. Outright Purchase means that we will evaluate your items, and pay you up front. Normally, the payment will be less than what you could expect to receive from consignment. We are more particular, taking only items that we know will sell quickly and that are in excellent condition.

When we buy outright you will receive CASH or CHECK once we have processed your account!

Call us first to make sure we are buying the items you have!